The first of its kind, BC2A® by Equine Sports, Inc.-Equine Sports Performance® presented to the equine world, a patented oral paste formula for supporting muscle efficiency in the equine athlete. This most sophisticated technology has been protected in the design and engineering of our branched chain amino acid products for over 30 years.

Our Branched Chain Amino Acid Family knows it is critical that the nutrition of the equine athlete be optimized to support performance. To encourage maximum muscle function, it is necessary to direct the flow of energy and the processes converting energy to exercise momentum.

We have long known that during equine exercise, glucose is converted to energy and lactic acid. A direct result of this natural “FUELING PROCESS” is lactic acid accumulation in muscle. Lactic Acid build-up both decreases muscle pH and triggers fatigue, thus hindering performance. In order to reduce Lactic Acid production while providing additional energy to the Equine Athlete during exercise, BC2A® was formulated.

The scientific testing of our product profiles and ratios has proven the capability of our BC2A® brand to maintain the position as the leading product in the world.



Equine Sports Performance®, the branched chain amino acid family, is a Patented BC2A® branched chain amino acid oral paste formula to enhance skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise training in the equine athlete. From day one, we have been committed to supporting our clients and their horses with scientifically proven products of the highest quality to support muscle productivity. We have a deep sense of responsibility to the horses, trainers, riders, owners and veterinarians which motivates us daily with a relentless pursuit of excellence.



Our core purpose is to honor the horse by creating products that assist them in rising to the expectations placed upon them. Our horses work hard, and we demand a great deal from them day in and day out. No matter how fit, well hydrated, or properly maintained the feeding program can be, horses can have lactic acid build-up in muscles during exercise which can hinder performance. Our passion is to continue to share our story and deliver leading products of sound science for the benefit of the equine athlete before, during and following exercise.



In 1975 in the hospital setting, the first crystalline amino acids were introduced. Early studies of the effectiveness of parenterally administered crystalline amino acids resulted in dramatic improvements in nitrogen balance and protein synthesis, and in decreased protein catabolism (the breakdown of body protein to provide energy for metabolism). With the engineering of these exogenous protein solutions via peripheral I.V. administration to the hospital patient, it validated the need for amino acid building blocks for rapid protein synthesis (muscle building and repair) for the stressed patients but further if not identical the hypermetabolic requirements of the athlete. The human technology led the way for offering insights into the achievements possible through intelligent design of athletic supplements. This knowledge motivated us to establish Equine Sports Inc.-Equine Sports Performance® in 1989. BC2A® Formula was launched and became the first branched chain amino acid oral paste of its kind designed for the equine athlete in North America. For 30 years, the latest exercise and metabolic studies are discussed and demonstrate our commitment and technological basis for our branched chain amino acid formulations. We do one thing and we do it well as the leading veterinarian recommended equine paste, our clients have the confidence and resolve that their horse is getting the most advanced and proven product on the market today.



Three decades of research and science behind our BC2A® products combined with premium ingredients manufactured in the USA, at a facility certified by the American Feed Industry’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program. We have long known there is a need to decrease lactic acid production while providing additional energy to the equine athlete during exercise. This is the foundation and purpose of our BC2A® formulas. Protein is an essential fuel during exercise. Increases in protein intakes are critical to the ability of an equine athlete to tolerate the initiation of training and subsequent incremental challenges for gaining and maintaining fitness. “The accumulation of lactic acid in muscle causes the muscle to become acidic, interfering with the ability of the muscle to contract.” Thus, each contraction-relaxation cycle slow down and a longer time is needed to complete each stride, resulting in fatigue. BC2A® Formula supplies proper ratios and proportions of Crystalline L-Form branched chain amino acids which optimally support muscle function by reducing lactic acid accumulation in the blood of working horses.